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Include a world peace day during this holiday season

During the last two months of the year, people often fixate their minds on turkey, fattening desserts, material gifts and shopping in crowded malls. As a result, people may want to take some time this holiday season to celebrate a world peace day.

It doesn't need to be an organized or widely recognized even, just a day in which you and your loved ones get together in the name of universal peace and well-being.

This could entail recruiting a group to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or cleaning out the house to find clothing and items to donate to a homeless shelter. If you're lucky enough to have a full table at Thanksgiving and to purchase a large number of gifts for family and friends, you can likely spare time and resources for the less fortunate.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that being kind to you fellow man is the kind of action that may someday lead to world peace. As a result, your own little world peace day could spur the formation of world peace organizations and snowball from there.


Volunteering may lead to world peace day

People who give their time to help others are often rewarded by a feeling of accomplishment at helping their fellow man. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri are reporting that teenagers who volunteer may be less likely to use drugs or alcohol as they get older.

The researchers examined a group of adolescents living in a rural community and found that volunteerism and other pro-social behaviors led to less use of alcohol and tobacco as the kids entered adulthood.

"Parents want their kids to be kind, selfless, considerate and respectful. We now have evidence that these pro-social behaviors make adolescents less likely to break moral codes and engage in illegal activities like getting drunk and smoking marijuana," said researcher Gustavo Carlo.

Authors of the study noted that they specifically looked at youths living in rural areas, since this tends to be a population that is likely to engage in substance abuse.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that volunteerism and generally helping out other people are efforts that will lead to a world peace day. People should build their life dreams and hope around the idea that what is good for the community is good for the individual.

World peace day can only come with cooperation

Ilchi Lee, a known author, philosopher and trailblazer, believes in the power of creating life dreams for a better universe.

Often, people merely think about their day-to-day lives, worrying their minds with petty issues that have no real meaning or bearing on human existence. If individuals were able to put these problems aside and look at the bigger picture, they may begin to see that a world peace day is possible.

It all begins with creating life dreams. Each individual must strive toward something, otherwise they may feel empty and lose sight of what is important in life. In fact, having a goal to strive for may help you be more cognizant of other people, since you will start to see each event and interaction as being the means to an end, rather than a meaningless series of happenings.

Lee says that world peace day will occur when people realize that they are all interconnected. This is the point when they will conclude that there is an eternal love present in the universe, and that hatred and division only hinder life dreams.

Positive parenting techniques may lead to world peace day

Children who exhibit aggression at an early age typically continue such behavior into their teenage and adult years. As a result, researchers at the University of Minnesota conducted a study to determine what factors may cause negative actions in kids.

The team of scientists followed 260 mothers and their babies from birth until the children reached first grade. They observed the pairs at different intervals throughout the six-year study period.

Before analyzing their final data, the study authors theorized that aggressive behavior was likely the result of a combination of the child's temperament and negative parenting.

"However, our findings suggest that it was negative parenting in early infancy that mattered most," said lead author Michael Lorber.

Moms who had negative interactions with their children, such as making critical statements and handling them roughly, were significantly more likely to have kids with behavioral issues later on.

This suggests that using positive parenting techniques may lead to a more peaceful generation later on, fulfilling the life dreams and hopes of children. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that world peace day will come when people can set aside their aggression and negativity and love each other.

Study reveals we may be well on our way to world peace day

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that we will finally reach true world peace when individuals begin loving one another, even total strangers, as if they were family.

A new study conducted at the University of Missouri reveals that close friends can be just as caring and thoughtful when taking care of the elderly as the senior's own family. They noted that their findings are significant in light of an aging population and a growing prevalence of non-traditional families.

"The idea that family obligations are based on genetic ties is not true for most Americans," said researcher Lawrence Ganong, Ph.D.

Authors of the study found that the strength of a relationship and history of mutual kindness mattered more than an immediate familial link when it came to choosing a person to care for a senior member of the family.

Results of this study suggest that world peace day may be right around the corner. The findings may also provide life dreams and hope for older people facing an assisted living situation.

Life dreams and hope for family togetherness may be a matter of reducing technology use

It's become an all too common scene in American living rooms: each member of the family sits with their own personal entertainment device, be it a laptop, a smartphone or a video game, when they could be engaging in conversation.

Researchers at the University of Missouri report that flipping the off switch on these technologies during evenings and weekends may lead to closer, better communicating families.

"Touch base throughout the day by calling, emailing or texting, and after children are asleep, put down the iPhone, turn off the television and just focus on each other," said researcher Kelly Warzinik.

The researcher recommended putting time limits on using computers or watching television. Also, they said that families should avoid keeping the television on during dinner time.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that world peace day can only come once people begin loving and connecting with one another on a human level. Creating life dreams is achievable when the mind is free of modern distractions and filled with positivity.

Japan celebrated a world peace day on Aug. 14

The country of Japan has experienced many hardships over the past year, enduring the pain caused by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. But through it all, the residents of the island nation are keeping their eye on creating life dreams and world peace.

On Aug. 14, Emperor Akihito led a prayer to help citizens heal the pain of recent tragedies and give world peace quotes to inspire a widespread love and kindness among the crowd in Tokyo, the Associated Press reported.

Additionally, the ceremony was meant to recognize those who died in World War II. The date of Akihito's speech was of relevance because it was the same day his father gave a radio address announcing Japan's defeat in the war.

With the Prime Minister Naoto Kan also in attendance, Akihito spoke words of comfort to his audience.

"Since the war, our nation has overcome many difficult times," said Akhito, quoted by the news source. "Using this experience, the devastated areas, and our nation itself, will recover strongly from the disaster."

The World Peace Prayer Society also hopes to spread love and respect through healing prayer. Part of the organization's core beliefs are that positive thoughts can be a force strong enough to inspire feelings of positivity to each citizen of the planet Earth.

These types of World Peace organizations are part of what Ilchi Lee believes will one day lead to a better planet for all inhabitants. The author and philosopher supports these efforts as well as those like Akihito's, since love is at their core.

Lee also says that inspiring a more peaceful world may be a matter of eliminating negative thought from the mind.

World Peace

Nations work together for world peace

Ilchi Lee says that creating life dreams involving world peace requires nations of the world to work together toward harmonious ends. Currently, competition among various states leads to dissent and conflict. This is very counter-productive when it comes to world peace.

However, some countries are beginning to work together toward peaceful ends. For example, representatives from the governments of Germany and Taiwan are coordinating an international event that will symbolize both regions' moves toward peace, Focus Taiwan News Channel reports.

In Germany, officials from the Taiwan Representative Office will ring a bell on August 23 in an event associated with peace and prosperity. Meanwhile, in Kinmen County, Taiwan, representatives will unveil a newly constructed peace bell that was formed out of discarded artillery shells.

The news source reports that officials believe the events will symbolize the movement from conflict and war to peace and harmony for everyone. The coordination of the bell ceremonies will underscore the lengths to which the world has come in eliminating conflict from many parts of the planet.

Events such as these also go to show what can happen when the nations of the world follow Lee's roadmap for ending conflict. He says that world peace day will only come when states across the Earth work together to resolve their conflicts.

Lee refers to this concept as the Earth Citizen movement. Before identifying with any national, religious or ethnic group, individuals will first say that they are citizens of the world. Their first goal will be to spread peace among their compatriots, regardless of their skin color or nationality. When more people begin accepting this approach, the world may have peace.