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How practicing yoga outside can help you fulfill your life dream for fitness

How practicing yoga outside can help you fulfill your life dream for fitness

Has a life dream of yours been to enhance your fitness and nutritional habits? Practicing yoga can be a great way to make healthy living a bigger part of your regular routine. Here are three reasons why practicing yoga outside can help you get in the groove and boost your life, dreams, hope and more.

Comfort and relaxation
A big part of a beneficial yoga workout is feeling comfortable and relaxed. Environment can have a significant impact on your overall experience, so heading into the outdoors can provide you with soothing natural elements to improve your yoga session.

Breathing fresh air
Deep, controlled breathing techniques are a part of a successful yoga session. These exercises help you stretch and meditate. To treat your lungs well during these routines, it makes sense to head outside where there's plenty of fresh air.

A place to focus
Sometimes when you're on a tight schedules, it makes sense to work out at home instead of a yoga studio. While this can be nice, you may find it difficult to focus with noisy family members are all around you. Heading outside can provide you with the peace and quiet you need to focus.

Creating life dreams requires concentration


Few things in life can be achieved without goals. Wandering aimlessly through life is a surefire way to end up in an undesirable situation, because without life dreams and hope in mind, a person is likely to ill-advisedly take a wrong path somewhere.

However, creating life dreams can be achieved through meditation. The ancient mind-body practice has been shown to strengthen the connection between the physical and mental aspects of one's being, which may promote focus and understanding.

When a person meditates, they attempt to slow their thought process. This allows them to focus on the present and push aside the worries or negative thoughts about the past or future. Believe it or not, these useless ideas are the root of most stress and do little to promote well-being.

It may seem counterintuitive that stopping the thought process about the future can improve one's chances of reaching their goals, but the mind-body practice ultimately improves an individual's ability to carry out the task in front of them. Day-to-day successes eventually add up to long-term achievement.


Creating life dreams can be done with meditation

Have you been thinking to yourself lately, "I wish I could define my goal in life dreams?" If so, you may be relieved to know that you can help yourself come to this important realization just by meditating.

Meditation requires only yourself, a calm mind and a dark room. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing.

As you inhale, note the sensation that the air makes on the tip of your nose. When exhaling, feel the slight breeze on your upper lip. Visualize your lungs filling with breath then releasing air gently.

Simply keeping your focus on your breathing may be enough to clear your mind, which may help you clarify what your life dreams and hope are.

Goals are as important to a human being's development as a destination is to a journey. Without a place to go, the path may seem meaningless. As a result, individuals who are feeling a sense of hopelessness in life may want to consider defining some dreams and hope for themselves in order to gain a sense of purpose.

Creating life dreams is a fun holiday activity

Take a minute to think about your family's typical conversations during the holidays. Do they revolve around popular culture, food and past experiences? While these topics are certainly fun and entertaining, why not use that time to encourage life dreams and hope in your loved ones?

It can be simple to steer the conversation toward enlightening topics.

For example, try to incorporate peaceful sayings into holiday decor, either in small banners hanging across the mantle or presented in decorative picture frames. People will be sure to notice these, and it may spark a conversation about creating life dreams.

Additionally, you can simply tell your friends and family members about your latest enlightening reading material. This may pique their interest and have the whole gathering talking about bettering themselves into the New Year.

This holiday season, try to help your loved ones feel inspired to become better people and to achieve everything they ever wanted in life. Not only will they thank you for it, but they may go on to help spark up the same kinds of conversations with others, an action that can someday lead to world peace.


Volunteering may lead to world peace day

People who give their time to help others are often rewarded by a feeling of accomplishment at helping their fellow man. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri are reporting that teenagers who volunteer may be less likely to use drugs or alcohol as they get older.

The researchers examined a group of adolescents living in a rural community and found that volunteerism and other pro-social behaviors led to less use of alcohol and tobacco as the kids entered adulthood.

"Parents want their kids to be kind, selfless, considerate and respectful. We now have evidence that these pro-social behaviors make adolescents less likely to break moral codes and engage in illegal activities like getting drunk and smoking marijuana," said researcher Gustavo Carlo.

Authors of the study noted that they specifically looked at youths living in rural areas, since this tends to be a population that is likely to engage in substance abuse.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that volunteerism and generally helping out other people are efforts that will lead to a world peace day. People should build their life dreams and hope around the idea that what is good for the community is good for the individual.

Positive parenting techniques may lead to world peace day

Children who exhibit aggression at an early age typically continue such behavior into their teenage and adult years. As a result, researchers at the University of Minnesota conducted a study to determine what factors may cause negative actions in kids.

The team of scientists followed 260 mothers and their babies from birth until the children reached first grade. They observed the pairs at different intervals throughout the six-year study period.

Before analyzing their final data, the study authors theorized that aggressive behavior was likely the result of a combination of the child's temperament and negative parenting.

"However, our findings suggest that it was negative parenting in early infancy that mattered most," said lead author Michael Lorber.

Moms who had negative interactions with their children, such as making critical statements and handling them roughly, were significantly more likely to have kids with behavioral issues later on.

This suggests that using positive parenting techniques may lead to a more peaceful generation later on, fulfilling the life dreams and hopes of children. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that world peace day will come when people can set aside their aggression and negativity and love each other.

Life dreams and hope for family togetherness may be a matter of reducing technology use

It's become an all too common scene in American living rooms: each member of the family sits with their own personal entertainment device, be it a laptop, a smartphone or a video game, when they could be engaging in conversation.

Researchers at the University of Missouri report that flipping the off switch on these technologies during evenings and weekends may lead to closer, better communicating families.

"Touch base throughout the day by calling, emailing or texting, and after children are asleep, put down the iPhone, turn off the television and just focus on each other," said researcher Kelly Warzinik.

The researcher recommended putting time limits on using computers or watching television. Also, they said that families should avoid keeping the television on during dinner time.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that world peace day can only come once people begin loving and connecting with one another on a human level. Creating life dreams is achievable when the mind is free of modern distractions and filled with positivity.

Eating mustard greens may help life dreams and hope of building muscle

Many people spend hours on end each week trying to build muscle for optimal physical health. Some even go to lengths like taking drugs for bulkier biceps, but a new study that was conducted at North Carolina State University reveals that there are effective, non-medicinal ways to encourage muscle growth.

In a trial on rats, a team of scientists showed that a compound found in mustard greens and other related vegetables, known as homobrassinolide, may encourage protein synthesis while preventing muscle loss.

"We hope that one day brassinosteroids may provide an effective, natural and safe alternative for age- and disease-associated muscle loss, or be used to improve endurance and physical performance," said researcher Slavko Komarnytsky, Ph.D.

When creating life dreams, people should think about ways to achieve them that are healthy for the body, mind and spirit. Shortcuts, such as anabolic steroids, are often unhealthy in a number of ways. Moreover, they often do not lead to success.

Say to yourself, "I am worth my goal in life dreams!"

creating life dreams

Connection between mind and spirit may help in creating life dreams

Author and trailblazer Ilchi Lee has spent decades examining the link between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person and how they help in creating life dreams. He's come to the conclusion that health or illness in one area may influence sickness or wellness in another.

Researchers at the University of Kentucky and Florida State University recently conducted an investigation which delves further into the connection between brain and body.

In a study, a team of scientists observed that the physiological immune system is linked to the behavioral immune system, which is the mind's ability to control actions that may lead to illness. They discovered that people who had recently been ill were more averse to faces that could be associated with sickness.

"When people have been recently sick, and therefore recently activated their physiological immune systems, they are more likely to pay attention to and display avoidance of disfigured faces," said co-author Saul Miller.

The researchers noted that people tend to avoid injured, ugly or obese faces, much like they would a rash or a sneeze. The same results were observed in two different clinical trials.

Results of this study underscore the importance of spiritual fitness, an important component of the life-dreams hope, according to Lee. There are many exercises and practices that people can engage in to strengthen this connection. For instance, yoga and mediation are specifically designed to align the mental, physical and spiritual, since they encourage practitioners to match their movements with their breathing, all while focusing on positive thoughts and energy.

The findings also suggest that the human body has a built-in system to protect it from disease. However, it does need some help along the way.

Life Dreams Hope

Spirituality may strengthen life dreams and hope during tough times

Individuals who place much importance on the spiritual aspect of their being know that fulfillment in this area can lead to feelings of inner peace and joy. Now, research that was led by scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reveals that spirituality can also promote feelings of well-being for citizens of certain countries.

The team of researchers examined the spirituality and self-reported wellness of individuals around the globe to reach their conclusions.

They found that in regions where resources are scarce, people who believe in a higher being tend to be more well-off mentally than those who do not.

"Difficult circumstances lead more strongly to people being religious. And in religious societies and in difficult circumstances, religious people are happier than nonreligious people," said lead researcher Ed Diener.

However, the study found that in countries where people generally have everything they need, religion has little bearing on happiness.

"In nonreligious societies or more benign societies where many people's needs are met, religious people aren't happier – everyone's happier," said Diener.

Results of this study suggest that life dreams and hope may be dependent on spiritual fulfillment for some people. Additionally, the research demonstrates the differences that exist between nations.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes in global unity and erasing the boundaries that divide countries. We are all citizens of the planet Earth, and when everyone comes to realize this, they may begin to treat their fellow man with respect and love. Lee's world peace blogs contain information that underscores the importance of togetherness and the harm that is often done in the name of patriotism.