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“Give A Little Bit” spreads a message of peace and love

The song “Give A Little Bit” has impressively spanned two separate generations, with its message of love and tolerance echoing over more than 30 years. The principles espoused in this famous song are very much in line with Ilchi Lee’s own ideas for world peace and understanding, especially with regards to the Earth Citizen Movement.

Originally written in 1977 by the group Supertramp, the tune quickly became one of the group’s biggest hits. Those born more recently, however, are more than likely familiar with the cover version by the Goo Goo Dolls, which was released nearly 30 years later in 2006. This also became a big hit for the group and renewed interest in the song.

Looking at the lyrics, it’s easy to see why the simple message has endured. The phrase “give a little bit/give a little bit of your love to me” is repeated multiple times throughout the song. Other lines like “see the man with the lonely eyes/take his hand, you’ll be surprised” have become just as famous as the song’s namesake.

Ilchi Lee also inspires his followers to love others and the world as a whole. He has been known to say “Do you know you have an infinite spring of love flowing from your heart? It never runs dry.” That metaphor fits right in with the idea behind the song, which is all about giving this love to others.

Empathy may help patients heal

When doctors are able to relate to individuals with understanding and communicate that empathy back to the ill or injured individual, it empowers the patient to stick with their recommended treatment plan and, in turn, may set them on the road to personal growth.

A study that was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that patients who receive empathetic care from their doctors are more satisfied with their treatment and are less likely to file malpractice suits.

"Clinical empathy is an essential medical skill that can be taught and improved, thereby producing changes in physician behavior and patient outcomes," said Robert Buckman, study co-author.

Empathy may be the first sign that an individual is becoming a true Earth Citizen, one who recognizes that all humans are interconnected and that world peace relies on people treating each other with absolute dignity and respect.

Showing another person mutual feelings and understand their trials and tribulations demonstrates a kind of love and enlightenment that has the potential to promote peace on Earth.  

World of perceived limitations

We concocted myths about the scarcity of goods, and we invented the need to judge ourselves superior to our neighbors. Worst of all, we decided that power is something that comes from outside ourselves. Thus we began fighting to ensure our place in a world of perceived limitations.

Even though we seem to be fighting for the negativity has turned inward as well, blocking us from the true empowerment that comes from within. Negativity has become a substitute for real power because real empowerment is rarely considered. Children grow up thinking nationality; grades, popularity, and the like make them who they are.

It is no wonder, then, that so many young people feel burdened by a sense of disillusionment as they reach adulthood. Teenagers, especially those who have grown up in very dis empowering environments, demonstrate this in their self-destructive behaviors and attitudes.