Some tips for creating life dreams

Some tips for creating life dreams

Creating life dreams can be challenging, since you may not know exactly what it is that you want to do in life. You may have tried to ask yourself what your life dreams and hopes are, only to find that you seem stuck. If you've been struggling to determine what you want to do in life, don't worry because you are not alone. Many people have found themselves unsure of what their careers should be, but they have been able to overcome this with the right amount of focus. 

For example, Forbes recently published an article by one woman who discovered what she wanted to do in life by cold emailing anyone who she thought it would be interesting to learn from, like the CEOs of major companies. She discovered that many people responded to her and gave her tips for how to move forward. If you ever wrote a fan letter as a child, you can think of this in the same light, only with a more professional tone. 

If this doesn't work for you, consider this quote by Walt Whitman, which should help you remember that your career should make you happy. 

"Do anything, but let it produce joy," wrote Whitman in "Leaves of Grass." 

Tips for staying healthy at work

Tips for staying healthy at work

Staying healthy at work can be a difficult task, especially if you work in an environment where you work closely with your coworkers each day. This is why it's important for everyone who works in an office to know some basic tips for staying healthy and avoiding spreading illness onto others. 

Mother Nature Network states that one of the simplest ways to avoid contracting or spreading germs in the office is to keep your hands clean. This means washing them not only after you go to the bathroom, but also after riding public transportation or engaging in any other activities that may have lead to your coming in contact with germs. 

Another good way to stay healthy is to know where the most germs lie. According to an article published in the U.S. News and World Report, the germiest place in an office is usually the break room, where people eat and make food. In particular, the handle of faucets in employee break rooms are crawling with germs. 

Finally, always stay home when you're sick to avoid getting other employees ill as well. 

How practicing yoga outside can help you fulfill your life dream for fitness

How practicing yoga outside can help you fulfill your life dream for fitness

Has a life dream of yours been to enhance your fitness and nutritional habits? Practicing yoga can be a great way to make healthy living a bigger part of your regular routine. Here are three reasons why practicing yoga outside can help you get in the groove and boost your life, dreams, hope and more.

Comfort and relaxation
A big part of a beneficial yoga workout is feeling comfortable and relaxed. Environment can have a significant impact on your overall experience, so heading into the outdoors can provide you with soothing natural elements to improve your yoga session.

Breathing fresh air
Deep, controlled breathing techniques are a part of a successful yoga session. These exercises help you stretch and meditate. To treat your lungs well during these routines, it makes sense to head outside where there's plenty of fresh air.

A place to focus
Sometimes when you're on a tight schedules, it makes sense to work out at home instead of a yoga studio. While this can be nice, you may find it difficult to focus with noisy family members are all around you. Heading outside can provide you with the peace and quiet you need to focus.

Make your life dream a reality by joining a yoga class

Make your life dream a reality by joining a yoga class

If your life dream has been to find a workout program that unites your body, mind and spirit, look no further than the ancient practice of yoga. Not only can this benefit your physical health, but it can improve your mental and emotional states as well. Here are some tips on starting your yoga studio experience on the right foot.

Ask your yoga friends
Do you have friends, neighbors, family members or coworkers who practice yoga on a regular basis? These are the people to ask about the best and worst yoga classes in town. You can learn about what to look for and avoid when finding a yoga class.

Speak to class members and teachers
Once you think you find a yoga studio you like, make sure to speak with class members and the instructor during your first session. These people can provide some beginner's tips along with info about class structure and workout routines.

Shop around town
Even if you like the first yoga studio you visit, shop around town for others like it. You never know if you'll find an instructor, location or class style that fits you health and lifestyle goals better than the others.

Creating life dreams requires concentration


Few things in life can be achieved without goals. Wandering aimlessly through life is a surefire way to end up in an undesirable situation, because without life dreams and hope in mind, a person is likely to ill-advisedly take a wrong path somewhere.

However, creating life dreams can be achieved through meditation. The ancient mind-body practice has been shown to strengthen the connection between the physical and mental aspects of one's being, which may promote focus and understanding.

When a person meditates, they attempt to slow their thought process. This allows them to focus on the present and push aside the worries or negative thoughts about the past or future. Believe it or not, these useless ideas are the root of most stress and do little to promote well-being.

It may seem counterintuitive that stopping the thought process about the future can improve one's chances of reaching their goals, but the mind-body practice ultimately improves an individual's ability to carry out the task in front of them. Day-to-day successes eventually add up to long-term achievement.


Creating life dreams is a worthy endeavor


Without a goal in mind, any journey may seem meaningless and frivolous. This is why creating life dreams is so important, as it allows us to see past distractions and look toward our greatest hopes and goals.

It may not be so simple, however. Life dreams and hopes may change from year to year, as today's society promotes constant shifting, which has its drawbacks.

Regularly changing your mind about what it is you want in life is completely normal and even helpful in many ways, as re-evaluation can be the key to success. However, when these shifts get to the point where a person simply becomes fickle, problems may occur.

When your life dreams are changing at a rapid rate, you hardly have time to make any steps toward obtaining anything. Your mind can't focus on achievement because it's too wrapped up in distractions.

This is why creating life dreams and trying to stick to them is important. Just be sure that the goals you set for yourself are lofty yet feasible, and will contribute to your personal development overall.

Creating life dreams is a matter of introspection


If you've been looking to others to answer some of life's biggest questions – such as "What are my goal in life dreams" or "How do I reach a state of enlightenment?" – then you may be looking in the wrong direction.

Creating life dreams needs to begin and end with you. No one else can decide for you what is most important to obtain during your time on this planet, because you need to figure it out for yourself.

For some individuals, this begins with meditation. When you perform this mind-body practice, you focus on your inner thoughts and dialogue and attempt to slow them enough that a sense of calm washes over you. When this happens, it's not uncommon to suddenly experience clarity.

Once your mind is rid of distractions or negativity, it may even seem obvious what you need to do in order to achieve happiness and enlightenment. The power of introspection and meditation are not to be underestimated, as a clear mind is a well-functioning mind. Try this practice on your own and you may find that creating life dreams is simple.


Start a world peace blog to spread encouraging messages


Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes that when one person learns how to live free of negativity and full of love, the power they emit can spread to others and potentially lead to peace on Earth.

One way people can spread their world peace quotes is by starting a blog filled with motivational anecdotes and messages that promote kindness and unity.

Starting a world peace blog is simple. First, you'll need to decide whether you're going to use a blogging service, like or, if you want to host your site through free blogging software, such as WordPress. Then, you just need to decide what to name your blog and follow the service's or software's instructions.

Spreading joyful messages on the internet is not only a good way to reach many people, but it also helps balance out the negative information that floats in cyberspace.

Try to write in your world peace blog each day and watch how many subscribers you get. These people will benefit from your positive writing and perhaps lead them to be more kind to others.

Creating life dreams can be done with meditation

Have you been thinking to yourself lately, "I wish I could define my goal in life dreams?" If so, you may be relieved to know that you can help yourself come to this important realization just by meditating.

Meditation requires only yourself, a calm mind and a dark room. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing.

As you inhale, note the sensation that the air makes on the tip of your nose. When exhaling, feel the slight breeze on your upper lip. Visualize your lungs filling with breath then releasing air gently.

Simply keeping your focus on your breathing may be enough to clear your mind, which may help you clarify what your life dreams and hope are.

Goals are as important to a human being's development as a destination is to a journey. Without a place to go, the path may seem meaningless. As a result, individuals who are feeling a sense of hopelessness in life may want to consider defining some dreams and hope for themselves in order to gain a sense of purpose.

Creating life dreams is a fun holiday activity

Take a minute to think about your family's typical conversations during the holidays. Do they revolve around popular culture, food and past experiences? While these topics are certainly fun and entertaining, why not use that time to encourage life dreams and hope in your loved ones?

It can be simple to steer the conversation toward enlightening topics.

For example, try to incorporate peaceful sayings into holiday decor, either in small banners hanging across the mantle or presented in decorative picture frames. People will be sure to notice these, and it may spark a conversation about creating life dreams.

Additionally, you can simply tell your friends and family members about your latest enlightening reading material. This may pique their interest and have the whole gathering talking about bettering themselves into the New Year.

This holiday season, try to help your loved ones feel inspired to become better people and to achieve everything they ever wanted in life. Not only will they thank you for it, but they may go on to help spark up the same kinds of conversations with others, an action that can someday lead to world peace.


This site introduces Ilchi Lee's life dream of world peace as found in his book "Earth Citizen"

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